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The best way to reach it is to take the highway towards Tivat and then, after 2,5 km from Budva, look for the sign for a left-hand turn. The beach is sheltered from the surroundings by low hills and, still retains the atmosphere of unrefined spontaneity. The 1,200 m long beach consists of pebbles and sand descending into the turquoise sea. There are beach bars, restaurants, rooms, apartments for rent, and a few hotels that are also to be found here. The Jaz beach zone is very quiet by night that attracts guests who want a perfect rest far away from the city noise, and just a stone's throw far from the sea. All rentals are located on the first row to the beach.m DSC 8149 001


If you continue behind the beach Jaz you will reach beach Trsteno, a deep inlet of dark blue sea with a 200 m long sandy beach. This beach is a bit more secluded and quieter, though this rule does not apply to the high season. The uniqueness of the beach is the shallow seawater, in which one should take around 100 meters of walk on the sandy carpet to get the deep of 2 meters and more. The conditions of the beach make it one the most popular for families with kids, who can safely play around in the seawater as well as on the beach.

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Beach “Ploče” is located 1 km from beach Trsteno (9 kilometers from Budva) in the central part of the Montenegrin coast, with an area of 10,000 m2. The beach is composed of rocky and pebbled parts. Rocky part dominated pools for children and adults. There are 4 swimming pools, a restaurant, 2 beach bars, and free car parking with 500 car park lots. The beach became very popular among young people because of its DJ foam party, which is organized every day in the summer season.

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A short walk along a narrow footpath from the old town of Budva and hotel Avala takes you to the Mogren beach, a narrow strip of fine sand lying under precipitous rocks. Its two parts are joined by a tunnel cutting through the rock face. Due to the steep descent, the bright blue sea quickly changes to deeper colors. In times of south wind and strong waves, the trail to the beach is not safe, so it should be avoided. Mogren Beach is protected as a Category III Natural Monument, and above the beach rises Spas Hill, which is treated as a Special Natural Landscape and is also protected as a Category III Nature Monument. There is the fortress Mogren built on the top of the hill in the middle of the 19th century.

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According to the legend, this beach was named after the Spanish sailor Mogrini, who experienced a shipwreck with his galley. As the only survivor, the waves threw him right on this beach. As a sign of gratitude, Mogrini built a church dedicated to the Catholic saint St. Anthony in the hinterland of Mogren II beach. Believers used to visit this church regularly on St. Anthony's Day (Dan Svetog Antona), which is celebrated on June 13. It was also customary for the bathing season not to begin before this date. The church has not been preserved, because it was demolished soon after the end of the Second World War, and a restaurant was built there.


There is town small beach right in front of the old town of Budva "Brijeg od Budve" (Budva's hill), with a much modern nickname Richardova glava (Richard's Head). This popular beach lies underneath the walls of the Old Town, next to the square in front of the Land Gate. The beach was named after Richard Widmark, a popular Hollywood star from the 1960s, who shot the film "Long Ships" in Budva. The hundred-meter-long pebble beach is almost always packed and is the location for many parties The beach has three restaurants and beach furniture that is open all year round. Pizana beach next to Pizana Gate on the south side of the old town is smaller and reserved mostly for locals.

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The main place for enjoying the sea in Budva is the long Slovenska beach (Slovenska plaža), stretching 1,600 m from the old town marina along the bay. The beaches are lined with restaurants and serve as a promenade and the place with. Here guests can find all beach entertainments and a lot of restaurants and beach bars. Slovenska Beach is mostly pebbled but in some smaller parts on its ends is sandy. Also, there is a concrete dock in the middle of the beach, where a lot of tourist boats start to the local island St. Nikola, St. Stefan beach, or Jaz beach.

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Facing Slovenska beach lies the isle Sveti Nikola (St Nicolas) with its own beach. This is the largest island of this area of the Adriatic. The length of 2 km and its position closes the Gulf of Budva. The island is covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation, most of the conifer trees. It represents a haven for birds and is also rich in small game and deers. The island is called Školj by locals, which comes from Italian scoglio or from Venetian scogio meaning islet or reef. The island has three sandy beaches 840m long in total, with a surface of 2,700 m². The beaches are pebbled, and there is a restaurant and beach bar.

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Next to the beaches on the island, there is a church dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors. It is supposed to have been built in the 16th century. It was renovated in 1864 as a simple, single-nave building. The church was registered as a cultural monument of the III category. In the devastating earthquake that hit Montenegro in 1979, the church was almost completely destroyed but was later rebuilt. Around the church is a cemetery that was active until 1936, but is rarely open to visitors.


This is one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro, as it is considered one of the most beautiful and longest beaches on the south Adriatic. It is sandy and 2 km long. With its immediate surroundings, it represents a complex tourist settlement. It can be regarded as a bathing zone with all accompanying facilities from a zone for sport, recreation, and relaxation, with arranged green areas. This beach is big enough to accommodate 10,000 guests. The beach also has a secured parking lot with about 1000 parking spaces.

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In the first row to the sea there are several super-modern hotels, such as the largest 5-star hotel in Montenegro "Splendid", and at the very end of the beach is a small fishing village Rafailovići popular for its excellent fish restaurants. At the end of this place is a small, pebble, but very popular beach Stijene (Rocks), located next to the promenade.


Stijene beach and Kamenovo beach are divided by a pedestrian tunnel 300 meters long, so guests can walk from one beach to another, because Kamenovo is a sandy beach, very nicely decorated with a restaurant and beach bar. This beach is 6 km far away from Budva, easily accessible from the highway. The beach is facing south, so guests can enjoy sunshine almost all day long. This beach is still very popular as a place where some of the best parties in Montenegro are organized, and which hosted many world-famous DJs.

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Once a small fishing village, today, Pržno is dominated by the Hotel "Maestral" and dotted with numerous villas and apartments, though some of the old olive groves still survive. The beach is 260 m long with sandy and pebbled sections and is served by several excellent fish restaurants and cafes. Due to the large urbanization and popularity of this place, the beach does not have enough capacity for all guests, so they go to the beach Sveti Stefan which is nearby.

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The beach on the right has several natural beach coves that can only be reached by boat, and which have also been turned into beaches with beach bars, which is a kind of attraction. At the beginning of the 21st century, Pržno beach was very popular among VIPs, especially from Serbia, but today that is no longer the case.


Taking a short walk from Pržno you will reach Kraljičina plaža (Queen's Beach). The beach, 120 meters long, is located next to the Miločer beach and St. Stefan. It was named after that was a favorite place of Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, the wife of King Alexandar I of Yugoslavia. It faces the open sea, and in the hinterland of the beach is a grove dominated by dense cypress and olive groves. The sea sculpted the bottom of the coast that has a specific color and gives an emerald green and bluish tone to the water, which reflects the lush Mediterranean vegetation on both sides of the beach.

m DSC 5602 001

This is also the only beach on the Montenegrin coast that has been closed to the public since (2007-2020) and where only guests of St. Stefan hotel and the local political elite could stay. Along the beach, a SPA center was built in a magnificent building that looks the same as the royal Villa Miločer. After the protest of the locals, the beach was reopened in 2021. The fence was torn down and the beach is open to all guests except the SPA center which is not open for commercial use.


Behind Queen's beach is Miločer beach. It is situated beneath a former summer residence of the royal family Karađorđević, built-in 1934. It is a pebbled beach  280 m long, surrounded by a grove covering 18ha, with rare exotic tree species, such as Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosas, Japanese medlars, cactuses, agaves, etc. The beach of Miločer is a high-category sandy beach, representing, its beautiful grove and park, a perfect work of nature and man.m DSC 5196 001

The former royal residence was turned into a small luxury hotel "Villa Milocer" and the beach was reserved only for hotel guests for years, while other guests had to pay for two deck chairs and an umbrella about 120 euros per day, which was a kind of beach ticket. From 2021, this payment has been abolished, so that everyone can enjoy the beach.


Bordering Queen's beach and Miločer beach is St. Stefan where one side of the sandbar is reserved for hotels guests (hotelska plaža), and another is open for the public. Both beaches are sandy and together are more than 700 m long. Though quite busy, these two beaches are never noisy or annoyingly overcrowded. Next to the beach, there is a famous restaurant that belongs to the famous chain of Japanese restaurants NOBU, as well as several other outstanding traditional restaurants and beach bars. Sveti Stefan beach has its own parking lot which costs about 2 euros per hour as a playground for children. These beaches do not offer water activities and are very quiet.

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Not far away from St. Stefan is Crvena Glavica (Red Rock) beach with small seven beaches of different types and sizes but all with their backs to the reddish rocks and thick Mediterranean vegetation. Some of them are FKK (beaches for nudists). Some of the beaches can be accessed only from the sea because there is no trail from the mainland but at the end of the series the most popular beach of all, Galion beach, which has luxury beach furniture, restaurant, VIP area, and beach bar.

m P1140104 001

Most of the beaches on Crvena Glavica are small, pebbly, and have one beach bar which is also a restaurant, mostly with a fish menu. Even in high season, these beaches are not overcrowded, so they are a favorite choice of both locals and guests who know about these hidden gems.


The next beach, after Galion, is Drobni Pijesak (Fine Sand) in a well-sheltered cove of idyllic appearance. The beach is 240 m long and covered with yellowish-white sand. On the beach, there is a spring of drinkable water. Beach is very well equipped and has a few restaurants. There is quite a steep road from the highway to the beach and not too many parking spaces. That is why many decide to come here by tourist boats from Budva. This beach is also a very important historical place of the Paštrovići clan, who are locals of the area around Sveti Stefan.

m DSC 1636 001


To reach Perazića Do you will need to take a right turn before Reževići Monastery, followed by a steep descent and then another one on foot from the car park to the beach. This lesser-known beach is pebbled mixed with yellow-white sand, as a lot of other beaches of the Budva Riviera. The beach has 2 parts, the bigger one of 200 meters and the smaller one of 40 meters. On the left side along the rocks, the former hotel "As" dominates, which has been under reconstruction for more than a decade. Due to this building that once adorned this coast, Perazića beach is not included in the promotions of Montenegrin tourism.

m DSC 3053 001

On this beach, you will most often come across the locals or, weekenders who are here in large numbers. Through the time of neglecting this place, we can say that the beach in some parts has bigger pebble stones, but it is still good for quiet relaxation. To reach this beach you can come also from Petrovac, and then take a walking trail of 2 km. The hiking trail is landscaped as a walking area covered with asphalt, which runs through the hills, with a few small tunnels. This trail is also suitable for evening walks.


The town beach (Gradska plaža) of Petrovac is located in a cove around which the town was developed. The beach is 600m long and covered with fine reddish sand. It is rather narrow and gets busy in high season but is otherwise clean and tidy. Next to the beach, there is an extended beautiful promenade, which stretches towards the fortress Castello. By the end of the promenade, you will reach the boat dock, which is also a viewpoint for the whole beach, and Petrovac bay.

m DSC 8713 001

The main water activity is renting pedal boats or boats to visit the two islands of Katič and Sveta Nedjelja (Holy Sunday), which are located at a distance of 1 km from the beach. On the island of Sveta Nedjelja, there is a miniature Orthodox church open to the public. The promenade in Petrovac is full of great fish restaurants, cafes, and various shops.


The next inlet to the south of Petrovac is Lučice beach, 500 m on foot from the town and its beach. Sheltered by a verdant hill on each side, it is 220 m long and covered with red sand. Several bars and restaurants operate here during the season. The car parking is settled among pine trees and has 300 car park lots. This beach is known as one of the most popular family beaches because it is ideal for children. It has a small water slide on the southern part of the beach with a children's playground in the shade of pine trees.

Montenegro Beach Lustica

From this place, there is a hiking trail over a small hill of 70 meters above sea level, through the forest, which connects with the beach Buljarice, the last beach in the Budva Riviera. At the top of the hill, there is a small outdoor gym as well as an extraordinary view of the beach Buljarica on one side and the beach Lučice on the other.


2 km from Petrovac is one of the largest beaches of the Montenegrin seaside (2,400 m). Buljarica is a less urbanized beach due to its hinterland, which is swampy. The beach is covered with sand, gravel, and small pebbles, depending on the part of ​​the beach. Buljarica is a beach that gives you peace, a beautiful view of the open sea. Here one can find several cafes and restaurants. The advantage of this beach over all others is that you can always find a lot of free places even in the very high season. Parking is free, our prices are much cheaper than other beaches. Most of the beach is occupied by a public beach. The smaller part is the one where you want to rent a deck chair and be served.

Montenegro Beach Buljarice

Since 2017, this beach is also known for the Sea Dance Festival, which was moved from Jaz Beach to Buljarice. The festival brings together tens of thousands of young people from around the world. The organizers of the EXIT festival deserve credit for this event, bringing the most famous faces of the music scene in the world. This event lasts 2 nights and two days and is held every year at the end of August. When the tourist season begins to slowly fall, the Sea Dance festival is at the center of attention promoting Buljarica beach and thus the whole of Montenegro.


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